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About us

Bali Rattan is the best furniture company located in Bali Island. The craftsmanship of the Balinese and the enormous selection of materials have put Bali Rattan as one of the well known furniture supplier of many five stars hotels and resorts. Amandari resort, Begawan Giri Estate, Four Seasons hotel (Jimbaran), is some of our loyal customers. Bali Rattan always maintain the highest quality of our product as well the satisfaction of the customer.

Bali Rattan was established around 1973 by Mr. Ferry Tendean by the name of Bali Rattan. Because of his vision that Bali will become the best tourist destination, so the growth of the accommodation will follow for sure. These hotels and resorts need good furniture to accommodate their standard. That is where Bali Rattan comes as the answer.

Bali Rattan also has many clients in US, Taiwan, Hawaii, etc. We also do private homes and villas. We always issue new designs every 3 months.




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